Monday, May 29, 2017

More on Proton-Geely deal Mahathir hid from public

For quite sometime a while, the social media and blogs had revealed Tun Dr Mahathir relative's interest in Proton vendor and alleged the Taiwanese that brought Mitsubishi idea for a Malaysia car, Rin Kin Mei as Mahathir's proxy in Proton.

In TV3 news this evening, Tunku Aziz asked the outright question: Is Mahathir the real owner of Proton? 

He posed the question in view of the reaction of Mahathir to Syed Mokhtar's decision to sell 49.9% shares in Proton to Geely.  

Mahathir have been "crying" and pretending not to know of the discussion with Geely and earlier, Volkswagen in which he was willing to have them as shareholders. The deal Volkswagen deal did not go through because they insist on majority control.

Apparently, Mahathir agreed on some terms with Geely that would have been worse than the "jual negara" accusation he made against Dato Najib.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Late Jaafar Hussein made scapegoat for forex loss?

According to Raja Petra's latest Malaysia Today posting, the late BNM Governor, Tan Sri Jaafar Hussein was made a scapegoat
for the BNM foreign exchange speculation losses.

It partly explains why the Special Task Force enquiry on Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop yesterday was unusually short.
"(Tan Sri) Nor Mohamed, who is Khazanah Nasional Berhad deputy chairman, arrived at the finance ministry here at 3.25 pm today. He was seen leaving the compound about 45 minutes later."
As star witness or the supposed accused in the case, there should be lengthy questions presented to him.

Friday, May 26, 2017

US Navy challenge China claim on disputed South China Sea

It is unlikely war would be break out in this region this Ramadhan. But a development yesterday could make those aware of the situation nervous.

The Manchester incident was followed up by an Indonesian threat and suspected to be  a reaction to the US-Arab-Islamic Summit in Riyadh which signal a show of force to fight against ISIS. However, that may not be the critical issue to result in a war.

ISIS is a war against an invisible threat. It is just difficult.

In The Mole on Monday, columnist Salahuddin bin Hisham wrote of attempt to "slow the boat to China". He viewed the fear on sovereignty as excessive and dumbfounded.

For one, it cannot be after US President Donald Trump received China President Xi Jian Peng at his Mar-a-Largo resort in Florida in late April and announced to the world of the lucrative deal done with China (including for his own daughter) from China. [Read blog here]

Interestingly, he wrote:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

TIME what? Manchester more pressing ....

Was alerted last night of TIME magazine report dated May 22nd 2017 entitled "5 World Leaders Less Popular than President Donald Trump".

It must be from the last issue dated May 22nd because the May 29th issue is about Kremlin spy ring [read here].

The original sender, likely a PPBM sympathier who forwarded to a former state UMNO officio, must have took notice this FMT report here.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Will a former US President question "Ivana Bint" Trump's Saudi donation?

The big story on the "von" Trump family visit to the Middle East yesterday was the visit by surrogate first lady, "Ivana Bint" Trump, as the local Arab News refer her, to the Jewish holy site of the western wailing wall [read CNN here].

The Jews claimed the wall is the remnant of King David (Nabi Daud to Muslims) temple was taken down to build over the Masjidil Aqsa.

Slate magazine was shocked with the sight of Ivana in tears coming out of an important site to her Judaism faith.

They expected her to be the forefront of avant garde feminism. Religion may not run  concurrent to liberal leaning thought according to the orang putih thinking.

The issue that will likely be raised is the US$100 million donation pledge received from Saudi Arabia and Ivana's intiative, Women's Empowerment Fund [read CNN here].

In her show, Oprah Winfrey was not comfortable with Ivana's praise women's right effort by the Saudi.

The Independent headlined it as "Ivanka Trump praises Saudi Arabia on women's rights after country donates $100 million to her cause."

Monday, May 22, 2017

No lip service on police corruption, please!

Apart from the case of Dato Ramli Yusof, hardly do this blog criticise the police force.

In appreciation for their contribution to the security of the nation despite personal difficulties, limited resource, pre-war police stations, poor working condition, and lower-than-army pay and perk, it is unfair to burden them more than they should be held for.

The recent wave of arrest for corruption by MACC on law enforcement officials, in which a corporal was caught with RM800,000 in his safekeeping, three cops held for protection racket, two OCPD involvement in illegal gambling money, collusion with drug syndicates, harassment on sub-ordinates, outsider could transfer out officers, dirty loyalist cop retained, demand for sponsorship, etc, is too alarming to be ignored.

It confirms how corrupted the country has turned out. His Majesty Sultan Nazrin of Perak has every right to be concerned.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

David Teo got slapped, but Mahathir reduced to a minnow

The pentaksub will be furious and cannot take this kind of denigration of their revered lord.

True enough, having followed him for decades and supported him for more than a decade, he became someone we do not know anymore. 

The video of the incident on the night of TN50 townhall style dialog between PM Dato Najib and people from the entertainment-side of the creative industry on May 17th [read MMO here] became the #3 most trending on the Internet.

The mystery behind the series of action remains but Tun Dr Mahathir cannot stand that some member of the public was impressed with Dato Najib's coolness with the situation.

It proves Najib could have  handled Nothing2Hide, but out of respect for Mahathir then, he avoided a confrontation.


Mahathir just had to make comment like this:

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